Help Missionary Doctors in Africa Save Lives

Today, there is only 1 surgeon for every 2.5 million people in rural Africa. Together, we can change that. Give before May 21st and your gift will be doubled! 


The Christian Broadcasting Network has partnered with Rabbi Erica and Mark Gerson to match your generosity and turn $1 million into $2 million. The response has been so strong and we want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to be part of this incredible work, so we've extended the deadline to May 21st. Because of compassionate people like you, we have already raised over $750,000! Help us get across the finish line by May 21st.

Access to Care Is the Problem  

Missionary Doctors Are the Solution  

"Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world." —The Talmud

Meet the Heroes

Extravagent Love, Extraordinary People

Dr. Fielder

Dr. Fielder trained at Johns Hopkins and is the co-founder of AMHF. He has served and saved the overlooked in Kenya for more than a decade.

Dr. Hansen

Dr. Hansen moved his wife and four children to a remote part of Africa to teach the next generation of Kenya doctors the art of pediatric surgery.

Dr. Fader

Dr. Fader, originally from Michigan, is using his medical skills to save tens of thousands of lives each year in one of the world’s poorest countries. 

Dr. Ter Haar

Dr. Ter Haar has worked at a remote Christian hospital in Africa for the past two decades helping cut maternal mortality rates by 75% through his years of service.

Dr. Mwenyemali 

Dr. Mwenyemaili, Chief Medical Officer in Maua, Kenya, is the only surgeon for 3,000 square kilometers. 

Dr. Jacobson

Dr. Jacobson moved to Africa 3 weeks after he married and 35 years later continues serving in Tanzania. 

What Others Are Saying

We're Not The Only Ones Who Think These Doctors Are a Big Deal

“If evangelical Christians want to engage in activism ... they can support lifesaving organizations like ... African Mission Healthcare Foundation.”

- Nicholas Kristof, New York Times 

"I will be putting my money where my mouth is and donating through CBN to support this sacred partnership to save lives – in addition to the Jewish causes that I already support. It is a testament to religious pluralism and Jewish values at their best.

- Rabbi Joshua Stanton, Huffington Post

"Their efforts will enable the treatment of people in Africa who would otherwise be without and the training of African medical providers in eight countries — at remarkable mission hospitals curated by the African Mission Healthcare Foundation."

- Kelvin Beachum Jr., NFL New York Jets

"These [are] men and women who moved to Africa when they could otherwise be making good salaries in Europe or America, to serve the poor — often in environments without reliable electricity, running water, or anything resembling modern medical supplies. They [are] indispensable — a medical missionary might be the only physician for a population of 40 or 50,000."

- Rabbi Levi Welton, New York Jewish Life 

 "The CBN – Gerson partnership will enable eight medical missionaries and their teaching hospitals to utilize the funds to build infrastructure, treat patients, and train the next generation of qualified African healthcare providers. [Dr.] Hansen says [some of] the funds will go towards training two pediatric surgeons at Kijabe hospital, making possible at least 20,000 surgeries." 

- George Thomas, CBN News 

Meet the Jewish Philanthropists Partnering with Missionary Doctors to Save Lives

You Have the Power to Save a Life

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