Now more than ever,

Israel needs your support.

In this free guide from CBN news you'll learn how the Biblical history and context of Israel has framed today’s events, set the stage for the future, and how you can make a difference today!

Through this guide you will:

Gain a deeper understanding of key events from Israel's journey through the Bible.

Get clarity on the impact past events have had on the current state of Israel.

Learn how to effectively advocate on behalf of Israel for their future.

God's chosen people face incredible hardship and constant threats in the middle east. Support from Christians in the US is more important with each passing day.  

Your support of Israel today makes you part of the redemptive story God is telling through His chosen people.

"As Christians, supporting Israel is more important now than ever. This special guide will help you understand the important moments in Israel's history and empower you to speak with confidence about why Israel needs our support today."

Chris Mitchell, Jerusalem Dateline

"I think Israel's is the most important story of our generation. We've literally seen prophecy fulfilled in my lifetime." 

Gordon Robertson

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